Key Features

Salus offers a range of features tailor made to create a safe, hazard-free workplace

Risk Assessment

  • A robust Risk Management process is key to understanding and managing operational and project risks. The Salus App enables the front line HSE professionals with a simple and intuitive risk assessment and prioritization feature. The Risk Management module can be customized and aligned with your organizational risk management process. Salus App also presents automated risk summary reports that can be used by management to visualize enterprise risk.


  • Snag-it is a powerful feature to locate and database Snags or areas of concern. This feature uses interactive plot plans presented on the Salus App to mark snag locations. Snag Charts within the Salus App enables frontline HSE & QC professionals and project managers with intuitive and user friendly means to get a “birds-eye view” of areas of concerns and action status.


  • Understanding data, monitoring performance & KPIs are key to improving HSEQ performance. Salus App and backend systems enable fully automated and customisable dashboards and analytics modules including comprehensive risk summary, trending and action tracking charts to name a few.

Action Tracking

  • Salus backend system automates the action management and tracking process. Actions and overdue notifications are set up on the Salus App and is customized for individual app user. Salus proprietory communication matrix and tracking algorithms ensure administrative effort is minimal and data is accurately and consistanly represented.

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Why Salus

Audit & Compliance

ISO and other international standards for Safety & Quality encourage paperless approach and transition to automated tools. Audit and HSE performance can be carried out from your Salus App using drill down options and analytics.


Non-standardised reporting and inappropriate risk prioritisation and communication is a typical challenge in many Industries. Salus uses mobile apps and proprietary back-end technology to automate and simplify these processes.

Reporting & Analytics

Analytics and action management using excel and similar tools are time-consuming, prone to errors as well as rely on the experience and skill of the user. Salus uses mobile apps and proprietary backend technology to automate and simplify workflows and processes.


Understanding HSE data and monitoring HSE performance is a challenge for senior management across industries. Salus analytics and reports module is fully automated which helps managers visualise and take initiatives to improve HSE performance.

Choose a plan that’s right for you

Salus software packages are flexible and upgradable to meet your requirements and budgets. Customer support , software updates, data export feature and Interactive dashboards are standard regardless of package you choose.


  • Salus keeps all our Senior Management in the loop with up-to the minute statistics and high-level notifications, allowing us to proactively assess where our strengths and weaknesses are.
    John Douglas
    Project Manager - Alutec Qatar
  • Salus has helped our managers easily keep on top of Safety and Quality using the Salus App and we have seen a 3 fold increase in reported observations and events. By removing paperwork and automating analytics, reporting and action tracking Salus lowered our cost of operation, whilst also improving visibility and Performance.
    Antonio Esteves
    HSE Manager - FIFA Stadium Project

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